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FAQ - Life Energy Coaching


Q1.   What is Life Energy Coaching?

A1.   Life Energy Coaching is a unique form of coaching that not only identifies the thought choices you have made that have led to whatever challenge you're trying to overcome, but also releases from your energy the electro-magnetic impact of those choices from your energy field so that you no longer attract those challenges.


Q2.   Can anyone become a Life Energy Coach?

A2.   Yes, as long as that person is willing to go through the certification process and be trained in the techniques involved.


Q3.   How do I learn to become a Life Energy Coach?

A3.   Visit our Get Certified page for more information and contact us if you have further questions.


Q4.   How can I use my Life Energy Coach certification?

A4.   Once you receive your certification, you will be free to practice as a Life Energy Coach anywhere you choose.  There are no limits by practice area or geographically.

FAQ about Life Energy Coaching

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