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FAQ - Programs

Q1.   What is the purpose of Life Energy Coaching's modular programs?

A1.   The programs currently offered use energy transformation and information to provide a pathway from living a normal life with all the problems that entails, to (through Level 1) harmonizing one's relationships with one's self, others and money, (through Level 2) discovering one's true nature, identity, and the unique and magnificent purpose for which you were born, and (through Level 3) embodying that "work" within an exciting business that creates the platform for you to share your gifts and talents with the world with maximum impact, including as a philanthropist and collaborator with other similarly inspired souls.


Q2.   How do these "energized" modules work?

A2.   When we describe the modules as "energized", we are describing the property of spiritual connection they received as a natural extension of the openness of their co-creator, Murray Ansell.  Murray's openness to the highest frequencies of Light transfers to all of his co-creations in the same way that an enlightened painter, musician or author's work becomes a conduit for the Light to express through it. We are all conduits for the Light of our Source to the extent we have opened that connection. Those who use these modules receive the full benefit of all of Murray's transformational work on his personal, marriage, and business energies, just without having to spend 15 years doing so.


Q3.   Can these programs be used for other purposes?

A3.   Yes, they are continually being tested and new uses are being discovered on an ongoing basis.  At this time we are aware of the following solutions that different program configurations provide: (1) attracting your ideal job, (2) attracting your ideal partner, (3) optimizing your marriage (different configurations for male and female), (4) conscious parenting, (5) conscious living, (6) knowing and fulfilling your life purpose, and (7) thriving in your own purpose-driven business. Contact us for the specific configuration providing the solution you're looking for.


Q4.   How can I help share these programs with others?

A4.   The first step is to complete the programs yourself, as your results, and increased sense of peace and well-being, will be their own advertisement and intrigue those who want to live the way you're living. We have set up an affiliate program that you can join should you wish to prosper from sharing these programs. You can learn more about the affiliate program and sign up here.

Q5.   Will there be more programs developed?

A5.   The program range for Life Energy Coaching is now complete. However, new programs will be developed and offered during 2019 for those feeling called to share their soul-given gifts through an enlightened business. The first of these is expected to be available by late 2020.



Q6.   How can I raise the funds needed to buy these programs?

A6.   The Human Energetics transformational ebook can be used to transform your money energy and attract the funds you need. Before you read this short ebook, set an intention to raise the funds needed for the program in which you want to invest. Within 4 weeks, your energy will be transformed and aligned with attracting opportunities to receive these funds.

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