Have an important relationship you don't know how to heal?


Need a financial miracle to save your home or business?


Needing an intervention to get your life back in balance?

Life Energy Coaching co-founder Murray Ansell has been working with the Archangels to quickly and perfectly resolve what seemed like insurmountable problems in his own and others' lives since 2009. Murray feels privileged to be a conduit for their guidance and a facilitator for their work in transforming the energy and lives of those receiving Archangelic healing.

The Archangels are energy transformers, each overseeing and having the capacity to energetically transform various aspects of our lives.​ Murray's work with the Archangels is enlightening, transformational and empowering, and continues for days beyond the 15 minute session Murray provides.


The purpose of these sessions is to receive guidance from the Archangels as to the mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual causes behind the problem being addressed. Once you understand the consciousness and energies at the root of the issue, the consciousness is released and the energies transformed, which typically takes three days to complete.

​For our appearances at metaphysical and healing events, we currently offer Archangelic healing sessions for only $50, a more than 70% discount from our normal price of $175. This special price is only available during such events, although you can receive your session during the event or you can contact us to schedule an appointment at a later time. Take advantage of this offer now by clicking on the "Buy Now" button below.

Intervention: $50

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