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Once you have completed Level 3, you are ready for Level 4, which includes 2 programs: Your Archangelic Energies, and Walking With Masters. Level 4 programs allow you to (1) know your self at the unprecedented depth of the Archangelic energies that comprise your Soul, activating the deep cleaning of your energy required for effortless, purpose aligned manifestation; and (2) be guided and have your energy aligned by those who have mastered life on this planet, to help you manifest your Soul's magnificent dream for your life.


Your Archangelic Energies is a 15 week modular program, with each week's module introducing you to and activating another of the magnificent energy transformers that collectively comprise the energy of your Soul.

By activating these energies you are transferring oversight of your energy field from your memory and ancestry based DNA to the infinitely loving and wise energy of your Soul.

Each of the Archangelic energies has oversight of certain of the various aspects of Divine Love. As negative emotions are the polar opposites of the aspects of Divine Love, the activation of your Archangelic energies transforms

archangelic energy.jpg

the negative emotions that are polar opposite to the aspects of Love overseen by that Archangel.


This program is the deep clean you need to exit the world of polarity so you can effortlessly hold the Divinely loving energy of your Soul no matter what chaos may be happening around you.


Walking with Masters is a 10 week introduction to 10 Ascended Masters who have agreed to help those who take this program to effortlessly manifest the unique and magnificent dream your Soul has for your life.

This can only be done once your Archangelic energies have been activated, so "Your Archangelic Energies" must be completed before taking this program.

As with all our modular programs, you will read the module for the week, including the prescribed invocations, and over the following 7 days that week's Master will transform your energy in the manner needed for the program's successful completion.

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By the end of the program, you'll be freed from all consciousness and energies that have been blocking you from effortlessly manifesting in alignment with the purpose and plan your Soul has intended for your life, leading to a continuing flow of synchronistic support as you pursue fulfillment of your purpose. 

NOTE:  Level 4 programs will not be fully effective unless you have first completed Level 3.  Pricing available upon enquiry from those who have completed Level 3.