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Welcome to Life Energy Coaching, home to fast and effective personal, relationship and business transformation programs for those wanting to live their most purposeful life.

Our programs are designed to help you:


  • Feel great about yourself

  • Enjoy loving relationships with others

  • Prosper financially, and

  • LOVE life 


…by living your unique and magnificent purpose!

Life Energy Coaching is an incubator for, and distributor of, a new form of energy transformation that massively accelerates the discovering, then embodying and living, of one’s life purpose.  This slashes the time this otherwise takes from decades to just months, saving an enormous amount of time, frustration, suffering and money, as your physical and mental energies quickly align with your soul’s plan for you.


We have co-created a range of resources to make this accessible to as wide an audience as possible, including seven energized modular programs; accelerated group energy coaching and private energy coaching for your relationships with yourself, your family and significant others; and a certification program for those feeling inspired to use life energy coaching, and the enhanced intuition and deep transformation that accompanies it, to help fulfill their life purpose.


We have also created Business Energy Coaching to bring our leading edge energy transformation programs into the business world.


Whether you take our group energy coachingmodular programs, private coaching or certification programyou will be re-connecting with a part of you that has been waiting for you to recognize it....waiting for you to embrace it....and waiting for you to surrender to its loving guidance. That part of you IS You. It is your infinitely intelligent, unerringly wise, and unconditionally loving Soul.


Allow us to help re-connect you with You, so your Soul can reveal your magnificent purpose, and guide you to fulfilling this purpose in a way that only you can. 

We invite you to explore our website, contact us with any questions, and/or book a free strategy session to explore your best path to living a Soul led life.

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Change your energy love your life

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