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Have a Life Energy Coach hep you find your blind spots


Life energy coaching programs

Life energy coaching is accelerated personal transformation that uses the coach’s ability to share Archangelic guidance for, and activate week-long Archangelic energy transformation within, her clients for deepest, customized transformation. These transformations aren't limited by distance, and are delivered remotely by phone or video call.


The effect of the information and energy transformation facilitated by the life energy coach has a deeply transformative effect on the recipient’s mind, energetic bodies and spirit.  All life energy coaches have themselves been through deep transformation of their mind, bodies and spirit to be able to hold the highest frequencies of love, which entrain or transform all lower frequency energies in their clients, including those attracting any blocks, barriers or unpleasant situations each client may be experiencing.


Life energy can be defined as the energies being flowed by a human being.  The extent to which these are out of alignment with the love that person has intended to express (i.e. their life purpose), is the extent that person will experience blocks and barriers of different kinds in his/her finances, relationships and/or health.  Ongoing use of life energy coaching will inevitably bring a person back into alignment with their life purpose and the love, joy and meaning that accompany this.

At Life Energy Coaching, our focus is on helping our clients to re-align with love in the following 3 areas, of which the most influential is your relationship with your self:

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