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About Life Energy Coaching

Life Energy Coaching was founded in 2005 by Shirley and Murray Ansell to share discoveries Murray had made about how to change human energy to quickly generate personal, relationship and financial breakthroughs.


This journey of discovery has continued as Murray has been guided to embody these discoveries within a unique range of modular and energy coaching programs that accelerate personal and spiritual growth and transformation. What otherwise takes decades of commitment and investment, now takes just months at less than an hour a week.

Benefits of working with Life Energy Coaching include:

  • Being at peace no matter what is happening in your life.

  • Developing unshakable love for your self, no matter your circumstances.

  • Learning how to harmonize any relationship with peace and love.

  • Identifying and eliminating all roots to self-sabotage in your life, including in relation to money.

  • Opening your connection to your most loving and wise intuitive guidance.​

Today, Life Energy Coaching offers three kinds of services, being:

  1. Modular programs that transform your life by transforming your consciousness and energy.

  2. Life energy coaching for situations requiring customized solutions; and 

  3. Life Energy Coach certification for those who intend to live their best life by helping others do likewise.

We also have an associated business called Business Energy Coaching that brings market leading consulting and related transformational processes to the business world.

For more about our founders click here.

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