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About Murray Ansell

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I am a leader in the field of energy transformation, having used my life experiences and those of my family and lineage to co-create a powerfully transformational energy field that is shared through all Life Energy Coaching’s programs, and with those who receive Life Energy Coach certification and energy coaching from me, Shirley and certified Life Energy Coaches.


I am also a consultant to business owners and CEOs within Business Energy Coaching, using my diverse background in international public accountancy, investment and commercial banking and new product commercialization, and my ability to discern and transform the consciousness and energies creating inner and outer resistance to greatest success.  I have been called an "energy surgeon", as I help my clients optimize the performance of their businesses by discerning the most inspiring vision for their businesses, then aligning their energy and actions, and those of their staff, with that vision for maximum success, growth and profitability.


Outside of Business Energy Coaching, I enjoy developing new “energized” transformational programs, energy coaching and certifying Life Energy Coaches, as well as being the most loving and supportive husband and father I can to Shirley and our sons Andrew and Mark.


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