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Live Your Magnificent Life Purpose

Everyone is born with a purpose that has been agreed between the Soul and its Source (or God if you prefer).  This purpose is both a major growth opportunity for the Soul, and of great service to the other Souls who are with you in this lifetime.

There will come a time in everyone’s life when we are given the opportunity to explore who we are and live as our authentic self.  As soon as you decide to just be your Self, your true Self (i.e. your Soul) will answer your call and arrange situations that will start a process of Self discovery.


As you start to learn you are not your mind, body or mind and body, you will start to be introduced to people and information that reminds you of your spiritual nature.  Your purpose will reveal itself only once you know your Self to be your spiritual essence.  Revelation of your life purpose is an inevitable result of Self discovery, as your Soul starts to fill you in about its plan for your life.


It normally takes several decades for the interference from the mind and body consciousness to dissipate.  However, those who complete our Level 1 and Level 2 programs discover their life purpose within just weeks.

Your purpose is always both a growth opportunity for you in every way, and a blessing to those you have chosen to serve with your gifts, talents and energy.


Our Level 3 programs are designed for those who choose to embody their purpose within a business that allows you to be fully supported in your "work".

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