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Personal energy coaching programs

Life Energy Coaching has created powerfully transformative modular programs that meet many of the needs of those awakening to their true nature.  However, we know there are many of you who prefer 1-to-1 energy coaching, or who will benefit from customized intuitive guidance while you transform into who you came to be.

They also meet the needs of those suffering with depression, anxiety, addictive tendencies and a variety of other states symptomatic of disconnection from your true self (or Soul) and the path it has scripted for you.


Personal Energy Coaching with a certified Life Energy Coach is offered to meet the needs of both these groups, and can be customized to meet your coaching needs.


We are always guided by Infinite Intelligence when selecting coaching programs, as it knows everything about you, what you’re going through, and how best we can provide you with what you need.  That said, new clients will always be coached alongside use of energized modules initially, as this provides you with the fastest possible transformation in the areas you most need it.


We recommend weekly energy coaching sessions when you start with us, which can reduce to every second week, if preferred, once you have completed 24 weeks of coaching.  All of these initial 24 weeks will include modules with your coaching program.

Personal energy coaching can also be used to enhance anyone’s spiritual journey, as it will allow you to avoid many of the “rabbit holes” you can otherwise be drawn into by the energies of your memories, ancestors (from your DNA) and even the Soul journeys of those ancestors.  Our journey included identifying how this happens and creating new energy templates that eliminate the need for these time-consuming distractions.


Your best path is to reconcile with love in all respects for your life thus far, remember who you really are (cutting out all of the myriad distractions that would otherwise side-track you), remember the purpose you chose before you were conceived, and align your mental and physical energies with the purpose your Soul has chosen.  Personal energy coaching can get you there in just 6 months.


Are you ready to live the life of your dreams?


Set up a no obligation strategy session today.  You’ll be glad you did!

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