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Your mind is not who you are


Know who you really are

What we describe as our mind is actually a large variety of input channels that come from and reinforce our misunderstanding who we really are.  This results in unconscious energy leaks, and taking on the energy flows of others, which compromises our ability to bring our own conscious intentions into our experience.


Once we remember who we are, and the unbeatable power that comes with this, the Soul starts to disassemble these connections, a process that typically takes several decades.


However, those who use Life Energy Coaching's modular programs on a weekly basis will disassemble these connections and recover control over their mind within just months.

Until that point, your mental and emotional patterns will tend to control your life as they create experiences from the consciousness of your memories, ancestors, and those with whom you're not aligned with love.

Life Energy Coaching's programs and energy coaching massively accelerate the dissolution of these connections, as you align all aspects of your energy with your life purpose, so you can easily consciously create the life you've come to live.

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