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Going through emotional turmoil and want to find peace?

Looking for a proven fast-track for keeping your emotions in balance?

Open to a new perspective that gives you emotional balance and personal growth?

Human Energetics is both an education in human energy and an energy transformation tool that aligns your energy with what is most loving for you on a week to week basis.


As human beings, we attract what we experience due to the frequency of our energy. When we are out of alignment with what is loving for us, it produces resistance within our energy field which we feel as negative emotions, and often experience as negative circumstances we've attracted into our life. Each of these instances is an opportunity to recognize how we are misaligned, offering us feedback to help us re-align our thought, emotional and behavioral patterns. 


So what is this feedback encouraging us to align with?


....our Soul, its unique and magnificent purpose, and its plan for us to fulfill that purpose.


Each of us has a unique purpose and unique plan for living that out. Life Energy Coaching exists to accelerate its clients through the otherwise long, winding and challenging path to alignment with their purposes.

Human Energetics is about a 15 minute read that, used weekly, enables the reader to peacefully align with the next steps in their energy's transformation for the coming week. Commitment to this weekly ritual activates the reader's Soul energies which bathe the reader in the highest frequencies of Love for the next 7 days. This "bubble of Love" allows the reader to feel good while they energetically transform, rather than experiencing emotional turmoil as their lower frequency, fear/non-love based energies come up for transformation.

We offer Human Energetics on a monthly subscription for those who wish to use it on an ongoing basis. At $99/month, that's $25 per energy transformation session. That's an exceptional value!


Even better, we offer a 15-day FREE TRIAL!


Or, perhaps you'd like to transform even more quickly, are thinking to up-level to our Level 1 programs, but want confirmation that these "digital" energy transformation programs really work? Read Human Energetics weekly for 2 weeks, experience its effects, then cancel your subscription when you upgrade to our Love Your Self program.


The choice is yours.

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