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Kissed way too many frogs and struggling to find your prince?


Have big dreams but feel held back by sabotaging money blocks?


Looking for an affordable way to start designing the life of your dreams?


You've come to the right place!  Group energy coaching helps participants take control of their life by transforming their mental and emotional energy. As our mind, body and spirit are all energy, energy coaching is a way to identify, understand and quickly transform all unconscious roots to any negative experience or pattern, so the experiences that consciousness is attracting quickly fade away.

You can also use energy coaching to accelerate achievement of your goals. As we attract what we experience from our consciousness and energy, by identifying and transforming the consciousness that is blocking our progress we can achieve our goals far more quickly than would otherwise be possible.


Currently Life Energy Coaching offers two Zoom-based 1-hour group energy coaching sessions on the first and third Tuesdays of each month.


On the first Tuesday at 11am (Pacific - US) we offer Attract Your Soulmate, which is hosted by Life Energy Coaching co-founder Shirley Ansell. Attract Your Soulmate is for those wanting to attract their ideal partner or improve their existing marriage or relationship/s.


On the 3rd Tuesday also at 11am (Pacific - US) we offer Money Magnet, which is hosted by Murray Ansell. Money Magnet is for those with big dreams for their life, but who struggle to put together the money needed to bring them to fruition.

Participants are invited to email us prior to each session a description of the issue they most need resolved, whether problem or goal related. Your host will select the issues s/he is guided to address for each session.


However, should your submission not be selected, don't despair, you will still get the energy transformation you need and more. Not only will you receive the transformation you need relating to your specific issue over the subsequent 7 days, but you will also receive transformation relating to those issues others bring to the coaching session, whether discussed or not!

Think about that for a moment .... you're not only getting what you need but accelerating your transformation by a multiple of how many others attend the session .... for exponential growth!

The next group energy coaching session will be held 11am (US-Pacific) Tuesday, June 4th, 2024. Participants enroll on a monthly subscription basis at $500/month (for 2 sessions/month) or $250/month (for 1 session/month).



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