Life Energy Coaching's modular energy transformation programs help you become self-aware, self-loving, aware of your purpose, and able to embody that purpose in an abundantly successful business that allows you to make a meaningful positive difference, and share your abundance with whoever you choose.

Our modular programs are offered in 3 levels, with each of levels 1 and 2 currently including two programs.  Both of these programs need to be completed before participants can graduate to the next level.


All of the programs include 6 modules, each of which provides a combination of information and energy transformation.  Participants read the information provided, which has the effect of transforming the reader’s mental and emotional energy, inherited thinking patterns (DNA), and soul memory back into alignment with love relating to the subject of that module.


All Level 1, 2 and 3 programs come with email support. At the end of each week, the reader can email her/his experience to one of our coaches and receive feedback about the changes that happened during that week.  This will help you understand yourself ever more deeply, and reclaim the power that is your birthright as a conscious creator in human form.


The programs offered at each level are:          




Love Your Self

Financial Freedom

Love Your Business

Enlightened Wealth

Conscious Relationship

Know Your Self

Know Your Purpose