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Program Categories

All of Life Energy Coaching's programs are portals for powerful, Archangelic transformation. This ensures that you always receive whatever energy transformation and guidance you next need for fulfilling your Soul's plan in the context of that program.


While we have free choice, our Soul has created an overall theme for this lifetime that will allow us to embed new wisdom as we proceed through life. Archangels are energy transformers and, by embedding their help, our programs are growth accelerators, that create a fast-track to living your highest potentials.


Life Energy Coaching offers three categories of program:

1.   Starter Programs - try before you buy or donation-based

2.   Specialized Programs - low-cost solutions for major issues

3.   Systematic Transformation - deep healing then expansion of your potential

You receive customized Archangelic (i.e. highest frequency) energy transformation for every hour of each program, from the 2-week Specialized programs, month-long Starter programs, and 6 week "modular" programs. At a typical hourly rate for "energy work" of even just $100, these programs could be valued at $33,000, $72,000, and $100,000 respectively. However, we have been guided to price these programs to be accessible to anyone committed to accelerated personal transformation.

Starter Programs:

We offer two Starter programs, Feel Great Now! and Human Energetics - a Fast Track to Loving Your Life.


1.  Feel Great Now! is for those who regularly feel stressed and/or are experiencing uncomfortable levels of fear, anxiety, worry or other negative emotions as a normal part of their life. You don't need to feel that way, and Feel Great Now! uses Archangelic energy to transform the roots of the subconscious patterns that cause feelings of emotional imbalance.

2.  Human Energetics includes energy balancing too, but also educates you about how your energy works, and activates your inner guidance so you experience insights into self-sabotaging patterns of consciousness (i.e. thinking patterns) for weekly personal growth.

Both Starter programs come with a 15-day free trial so you can experience benefits from Archangelic energy transformation before you buy.


Specialized Programs:

We offer the following three Specialized programs.

1.  Coronavirus Energy Vaccine - which eliminates vulnerability to coronaviruses due to fear-based consciousness rooted in your genes and life history, as well as activating Archangelic protection of your energy from environmental influences.


2.  Quick Money - which ensures that the financials needs of those who use it are always met.


3.  Sales Magnet - which unblocks viewers' consciousness and energy so they can attract and close sales with ideal clients. 

Specialized Programs

Systematic Transformation:

Life Energy Coaching's modular energy transformation programs help you become self-aware, self-loving, aware of your purpose, and able to embody that purpose in an abundantly successful business that allows you to make a meaningful positive difference, and share your abundance with whoever you choose.

Our modular programs are offered in 3 levels, with each of levels 1 and 2 currently including two programs.  Both of these programs need to be completed before participants can graduate to the next level.


All of the programs include 6 modules, each of which provides a combination of downloaded Archangelic information and Archangelic energy transformation.  Participants read the information provided, starting the starting the 7-day process of transforming the reader’s mental and emotional energy, inherited thinking patterns (DNA), and soul memory back into alignment with love relating to the subject of that module.


All Level 1, 2 and 3 programs come with email support. At the end of each week, the reader can email her/his experience to one of our coaches and receive Archangelically-guided feedback about the changes that happened during that week.  This will help you understand yourself ever more deeply, and reclaim the power that is your birthright as a conscious creator in human form.


The programs offered at each level are:          

Systemic Transformation




Love Your Self

Financial Freedom

Love Your Business

Enlightened Wealth

Conscious Relationship

Know Your Self

Know Your Purpose

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