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Praise and Testimonials for Life Energy Coaching's energy transformation programs

"I have known Life Energy Coaching’s founders Murray and Shirley Ansell for many years. They are of the highest integrity.


In 2016 I had a lot of difficulties in my personal and business life. This motivated me to purchase Life Energy Coaching's first two programs in 2016 and the next 4 in 2017.


The results have been very beneficial to me both emotionally and financially. I have experienced improvements in every aspect of my life.


My finances have greatly improved. In the three years since I started the program I have gone from being in debt to being debt free, from having assets of little value to having millions of dollars of property, stocks and money in my bank account.


I feel happier, and at peace with myself and my relationships. My life has truly transformed.”


Paul B.

Tech Executive, 5/12/2019



"I began my journey with life energy coaching several months ago and I’m astounded by the potency of this life transforming tool while simultaneously intrigued by its simplicity.   Life energy coaching is truly quantum transformation from the Divine, each module a powerful process that has, in my experience, reached deeply into areas of energetic misalignment and soul wounding that shape who I’ve become throughout myriad incarnations, and transformed them into a truer expression of who I really am.  I’ve had difficult relationships ease into harmony, incessant troublesome and self sabotaging patterns drop away, and spiritually transformative lucid dreams that are indescribably exquisite where I’ve been in the presence of Masters who are lovingly guiding my healing and growth.

Shirley and Murray Ansell have been great companions on my life energy coaching journey, overseeing the process and offering guidance they receive from their higher selves, helping to unravel experiences that were wrapped in the clues and symbols of dream-like mystery, helping me to decipher and anchor the changes and shifts in my physical reality. Shirley and Murray are not just gifted intuitives, they are also compassionate and loving human beings who have truly found their souls' path helping others.

Life energy coaching is the healing of the future.   In looking back where I was when I started, I can only be grateful for having made the decision to go on this ride with life energy coaching.   I’ve found peace where in relationships that were continual sources of pain, success in areas that were previously rife with struggle and frustration, and a creeping joy and renewed enthusiasm in my experience that is delightfully irresistible and continues daily to expand.

I’m thrilled I said, “yes” to life energy coaching.   It was the right journey at the right time for me.   When you say “yes,” be sure to hold on to your hat – you’re in for an incredibly beautiful ride."

Karl Fink

Streaming for the Soul

"Man, where do I start...


Reading through each section of the book has definitely had a profound affect. I was feeling probably a 2/10 at most when I came to you, the lowest I've felt in a very long time. When you mentioned how each organ has its own 'being', specific function and higher purpose, it made me realise how badly I've treated my body with junk food, alcohol, cigarettes and other bad lifestyle choices. I had a mini epiphany and thought "no matter how much crap I put my liver, heart, stomach and body through by eating bad food and making unhealthy lifestyle choices, it does everything in its power to make sure that things are functioning correctly to the best of its ability". I now see these organs and my body with a new found respect. I thought that the least I could do is offer support by giving them the nutrition they need...


The day after having that epiphany and absorbing all the other info, I bought the required foods to get started on a ketogenic diet. I'd come across it briefly before but never fully understood what it was about, and it was the first health program to come to mind when I was thinking of the kinds of foods to buy. Within days I felt 10x better on every level. Since then my mood has increased and my anxiety is down to pretty much 0!!! I'm still adapting to the diet and its very early days, it may even be a brief fluke and only temporary. Either way, I think its the start of something very profound in my life. A change that would've probably never happened had I not bought the book or spoken to you. Again, its early days, but man I feel tonnes better already! "

Ross Archer

University Student (22 years old)

(Editor's Note:  Ross bought and used Human Energetics 9 days before writing this report on what had happened since he did so.)

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