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Young woman feeling good


Feel Good

It’s important to distinguish here between those emotions that make us feel good, and those that don’t.  The ones that feel good are primarily used by our Soul to help us recognize when we are aligned in thought, word and action with who we came to be.  Conversely, the ones that don’t feel good are telling us that, in that moment, we are out of alignment with our life purpose.


Our emotions always work as a feedback mechanism that reinforces who we’ve chosen to be.  Once we’ve awakened to our true spiritual nature, our emotions (those that feel good AND those that don’t) are valuable allies as they guide us into what will bring us most joy, our unique and magnificent purpose in service to the whole.

Life energy coaching helps you learn to use your emotional feedback system rather than being controlled by it.  You will learn to be who you really are, an intentional being who witnesses the results of her/his intentions, learns from these results, and whose life continually unfolds more joy, prosperity and purpose.


Learning to interpret and consciously use emotional feedback is key to living your best life.

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