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Like to share our modular programs with those who need them and earn a 20% commission doing so?

Want to use your affiliate commissions to buy programs for your own use?

Like to supplement your energy-related business with profitable, powerful complementary products?

Life Energy Coaching's affiliate program is free to join, and earns you 20% commission when someone you refer buys our transformational e-book Human Energetics, one of our Transformational Videos, joins either of our Group Energy Coaching programs (Life or Business) or buys any of our Level 1, Level 2, or Level 3 modular programs. That's $50-$200/month for each Group Energy Coaching sign-up and $1,000 per modular program purchase.


Earning potential is high, with the potential for you to earn as much as $7,200 whenever someone you refer purchases Group Energy Coaching for a month, and all our modular programs within a year. Or, if they stay with group energy coaching, that's $2,400 in affiliate commissions for a year. And that's from just a single referral!

You can also earn by referring people who sign up for Life Energy Coach certification, for which we pay 10% commission. That's $1,500 per sign-up!

You can withdraw your commissions in cash, or apply them to purchase programs for your own personal growth.

There is no better opportunity for you to do well by doing good!

Whether you are passionate about your own transformation, or want to help others transform in the fastest, most loving way, this is a great opportunity to help support yourself as you align with the energies you need to fulfill your unique purpose.

If you feel drawn to be the change you wish to see in the world, or even to help support others who wish to do so, join our affiliate program now and start doing well by doing good today.


Important:  For best results, we invite you to sign up for a strategy session. During this session, you tell us your goals as a Life Energy Coaching affiliate, and one of our certified Life Energy Coaches will help you align your consciousness and energy with succeeding with these goals. You will find this helps you to easily attract those who are looking for the help our programs provide.

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