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Life Energy Coach Certification

2023's Best Energy Coaching Certification - Life Coach Magazine !!!

The world is going through massive change and needs Life Energy Coaches to accelerate this change peacefully and lovingly.  


Do you feel called to help with the transformation to the New Earth?

In this video, Life Energy Coach Certification program developer Murray Ansell discusses the program with Gustavo, a lawyer and reiki practitioner.

We live in an intentional Universe, and life energy coaching is a fast-track to transforming the consciousness and energies keeping us from living the life of our dreams.  Life energy coaching can be used to quickly transform all consciousness and energies either holding a problem in place, or blocking achievement of our deepest desires. 


To facilitate this, a certified Life Energy Coach shares transformational coaching modules with the client in the subject area being coached to deeply transform the client’s energy during the coaching session and for 7 days following reading of the module.  During the session, the coach tunes into guidance from the highest frequencies of love and light (i.e. the Archangels) to help the client (i) understand what they need to learn (ii) prevent recreation of non-loving condition/s being addressed, and (iii) learn and grow from the situation.

Life energy coaching requires a deep transformation of the coach’s consciousness and energy, equivalent to a decades long spiritual attunement, except in this case it only takes 30 weeks.  This is possible because the Life Energy Coach certification process uses energized coaching modules which continuously channel Archangelic energy to recondition the coach’s energy profile so they can embody the highest frequencies of love and light, and connect with its guidance.

The high frequency energies brought through during coaching always entrain or transform the lower frequency energies holding any problem in place so that problem is quickly resolved.  These energies can be used to transform any energetic blocks or barriers to achieving a client’s soul's desires, so that they are quickly achieved. 

The Benefits

Benefits of completing this program include:

1) Your life purpose will reveal itself to you from within, and you will know it's real because you will feel the passion that always accompanies being truly on purpose;


2) You will have the tools to consciously keep your energy aligned with your deepest purpose, allowing you to quickly and easily attract the best people and circumstances to support you in this work;


3) You will be constantly connected with the highest frequencies of love and wisdom to guide you in your own life, and also in coaching others to quickly and easily start living their Soul’s desires;


4) You will feel far more emotionally stable, as the mental, physical and spiritual causes of emotional volatility will have been transformed, removed and/or disconnected from, as needed;

5) Blocks and barriers coming from ancestral energies that have become activated in your DNA will be identified and transformed back into alignment with your life purpose; and

6) Any sabotaging, low frequency spiritual energies will be removed from your energy field along with any energetic connections that can cause these to recur.


In short, Life Energy Coach certification is a thorough energetic overhaul of your energy field which eliminates energy leaks and any tendencies you may have to flow energies that aren't loving for you, and which are out of alignment with your life purpose.


Program Structure and Pricing

The first 24 weeks of the program require a weekly review of the module for that week, which begins a process of energy transformation that lasts the entire week.  Most modules only need to be read, although a few do include some re-examination of beliefs and mental associations.

Email-based support is provided on a one email per module basis.  This helps you understand how changes in your life experience each week have been caused by transformation initiated by each module.  This is also training you can use when coaching future clients.

The remaining 6 modules relate to energy coaching technique (3 modules) and business building (3 modules).  The energy coaching modules provide guidance in relation to energy connection protocols, space clearing and removal of low-frequency spiritual energies, as well as the opportunity to practice phone and email-based energy coaching, so you become a confident practitioner.

Business building includes modules that help identify your ideal clients, and align you subconsciously and energetically with quickly and easily attracting them into your life and business. There is also a module on how to create coaching programs for these clients.


Each of these last 6 modules is accompanied by a 30-minute energy coaching session with program creator Murray Ansell.


The program is available for those intending to become Life Energy Coaches, and also for those who take it just for the deep personal transformation it provides.  Coaches are required to complete the full 30 modules for certification, and this is also recommended for non-coaches who intend to operate purpose-centered businesses.


The complete program can be paid for in one of three ways:


1) A 3-pay of $6,500 payable before the 1st and 13th modules, and $5,000 before the 25th module;


2) A 2-pay of $8,500 payable before the 1st and 16th modules; or


3) An up-front payment of $15,000.

Wondering about the value of this investment?

  • Wholesale these pricing options with Life Energy Coaching's current retail pricing of $30,000 if paid for on a program by program basis.

  • Fast will get your money back by selling just 2 modular programs with energy coaching at typical current pricing.

  • HUGE value of personal transformation...during the 30 weeks you will receive 5,040 hours of Archangelic energy transformation which, even at a conservative hourly rate of $100, is a value of $504,000!!!

Next Step

Need more information?  


Arrange a discovery session and get all your questions answered.

Or...if you're ready to make this life-changing decision now, use the "Buy Now" button below to receive the first set of 12 modules and start your transformation today!


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