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Your life energy is the result of the interaction between your Soul's light and your body's animalistic tendencies accessible to you through your DNA. This interaction expresses itself as your energy field, and is calibrated by the flow of consciousness through your brain primarily, but also through your heart, as the junction where your soul connects with your physical body.

Your brain is the primary processor of the body's consciousness, and initially draws upon the patterns of thought and emotion accessible through your DNA, representing aspects of the consciousness of your lineage. The Soul has the ability to influence your consciousness, but will only do so if your life path is seriously out of alignment with what it has intended so you can achieve its/your intended Soul growth. In general, the Soul is a witness to your life experiences, and honors the choices of the ego unless unanticipated growth opportunities present themselves.

However, from late last century, the collective frequency of our planet and its inhabitants has been rising, creating a rare opportunity for accelerated Soul growth. This has led to the awakening of more and more people to their true nature as Soul energy, which is Love. The effect of this is to start the transformation of those people's egoic life energy back into alignment with the unique configuration of Love that each of these people offer, also known as their unique life purpose.

Life Energy Coaching is the result of its founders' transformations, and its purpose is to offer the energetic "fruits" of those transformations to massively accelerate the transformations of others, by shortening the process from decades to months, and allowing those being transformed to do so within a bubble of protective, high frequency Love.

Unassisted, transformation of all a person's egoic consciousness back into alignment with Love is a lengthy and painful process. Virtually all that the brain thought to be truth must be transcended by higher loving perspective, challenging all non-loving bases for all one's relationships including with one's self, money, friends, family, colleagues, God and others. This is a transformation of one's life energy from being fear-based at its core (the ego) to representing who you really are (your loving Soul).

Once you awaken to your spiritual nature, you can't reverse this process. Life Energy Coaching is here to help you through it quickly, and then to help you become aware of and successfully pursue your Soul's mission, the most joyful life path you can imagine. Once through your transformation, you will feel at peace with yourself and life, know you are always fully supported, and feel ready for the adventure of a lifetime.

We invite you to contact us to explore your options if you would like this experience to be yours.

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