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DNA is the gateway to consciousness


DNA Editing Transformation and Optimization

Your genetic make-up is a perfect set of resources to support your life purpose.  Your Soul has chosen a life path that will include one or more pivotal moments of choice that will determine how your life will play out.  Your body must be capable of supporting your path to these moments.


For example, perhaps this will require a keen interest in and aptitude for a certain activity, so you will have the opportunity to meet a chosen life partner, or study in a field you have chosen to serve in.  Your body carries within your DNA the memories, beliefs and tendencies of your ancestors, which can become activated by the energy of your environment to create your aptitudes and talents.


However, these beliefs can also be used by the Soul to create tendencies that purposely create blocks and barriers in your life. The Soul uses these as challenges, the overcoming of which will teach life lessons the Soul wants to experience and grow from.


These challenges are often unresolved questions from earlier lifetimes, or may set up situations that appear to victimize you, when you have been the victimizer in other lifetimes.  In normal circumstances, moving through these challenges can take most of one’s lifetime.


However, those who receive life energy coaching on a weekly basis will learn what they need to learn and transcend their activated DNA blocks and barriers within months.

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