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Level 2 programs Know Your Self and Know Your Purpose

Once you have completed Level 1, you are ready for Level 2, which includes 2 programs: Know Your Self and Know Your Purpose.  While the Level 1 programs helped you transform misunderstandings taken on from others about your self and money, Level 2 programs help you expand into being who you came to be. 


Also, Know Your Purpose will not be effective until you have completed Know Your Self, so we encourage you to complete Know Your Self first, before going through Know Your Purpose.


Financial Freedom and Love Your Self helped you to harmonize your energy with money and your egoic self.  However, your true self is much, much more than this.  Know Your Self helps you to reconnect with your Soul and all the loving spiritual resources you have available to help you live as a spiritual being living in a physical body.  Once you have completed Know Your Self and know who you are, you are then ready to explore why you are here


What if you were more than your roles in your family, at work and in society?  What if you have been living a life perfectly designed to prepare you for work that is much bigger than what you have been doing until now.  Indeed what if you, and only you, could do this work and that the impact of this work would touch every corner of the globe?


This work is your Divine Purpose, we all have one, and you are the only one who can discover it fully and live it out in all its glory.  This purpose is always magnificent, a growth experience for you and of great service to those you will serve. 

However, your purpose will only

reveal itself once you know your true nature, and to fulfill your purpose you will need to embody it, which is normally a decades long transformational process.  Know Your Purpose greatly accelerates this process by removing the mental (conditioning) and physical (DNA) blocks to your becoming aware of your purpose.


HAPPINESS:   The most common root of unhappiness is feeling disconnected from one's true and most Divine self. All of us are pure love at our essence, yet the human experience causes most of us to forget this and seek our happiness outside of ourselves. Know Your Self reconnects you with the Divine essence that you are, starting the process of your reclaiming your birthright as a child of the Light, with access to the power to consciously create your most magnificent desires.

INCREASE YOUR POWER:   When you view yourself as a physical being, constrained by physical laws, it can feel as though the only way to get what you want i life is through tremendous physical effort. When you awaken to your true spiritual identity, as love, you start the process of aligning yourself in mind and body with that energy. As you do so, you become increasingly, and much more quickly, able to literally intend your desires into your reality, as long as they are loving for both you and others. Alignment with love is the key to being a powerful conscious creator.

SPIRITUAL CONNECTION:   All of us always have the ability to connect with our Divine Source, sometimes called God, Source, Spirit, the Divine, or by its elements such as Infinite Intelligence or Divine Love. Once activated, this connection can guide us and help keep us in perfect alignment with the Plan we have chosen for our life, allowing us to expand our awareness far more quickly than would otherwise by possible. At the root of the human experience is Soul growth, and Know Your Self opens your connection with the guidance and wisdom to maximize your growth.

SYNCHRONICITY:   Know Your Self opens you fully to all of the spiritual resources supporting the game of human life on planet Earth. This includes Angels, Archangels, and Ascended Masters, explains their roles in our lives, helps clarify the nature of God and your relationship with it, and helps you understand the two parts of your Soul, the part with you in the physical, as well as the part that supports you from the non-physical. Once all misunderstandings about these beings have been clarified and transformed back to what is loving for you, you will start to notice apparent coincidences happening with increasing regularity. This is a form of guidance from your "invisible friends" to help remind you who you are and the best next steps in alignment with your life plan or purpose.

HIGHLY SENSITIVE PEOPLE:   Do you find yourself becoming increasingly sensitive to harsh energies in your relationships and/or environment? You may be what some call a highly sensitive person, which some say represent as much as 20% of the population. You are in the process of awakening to your spiritual nature and Know Your Self offers a fast track to accurate self awareness, and how to make best use of your high sensitivity. While it may seem like a curse when you first notice it, you have this for a reason, and will recognize the gift and blessing that it is as you learn how to use it to bring joy to yourself and others.

Price:  $5,000*


RE-DISCOVER JOY:   There is nothing that brings you more joy than remembering why you came here and putting that at the center of your life. Joy is a natural effect of aligning with one's purpose and Know Your Purpose removes all the mental and physical (DNA based) energies that have stifled the subtle callings of your Soul to fulfill the purpose that you chose so long ago. The joy and passion that accompany your alignment will give you the energy and attitude of an unstoppable force!

MAKE A DIFFERENCE:   Are there things happening that makes you feel "Someone needs to DO something about that!" Perhaps that someone could be you, but you feel powerless, irrelevant, or victimized which keeps you on the sideline, rather than being the change agent you could be. Often these triggers need to be transformed before your true purpose can become apparent. Know Your Purpose is a 6-week journey of transformation that will remove all energetic distractions from your field so you can get the clarity you need to make the difference you came to make.

FULFILL YOUR POTENTIAL:   Ever feel you're not living up to your full potential? If so, that's only because you've yet to find the unique and magnificent purpose that only you can fulfill. Each of us has a totally unique purpose, that only our experiences and energy can provide. You are a magnificent child of the Light, who has been masquerading as much less than your true potential as you've immersed yourself in your humanness, Know Your Purpose awakens you to the challenge you have chosen, for which you have been perfectly prepared.

DISCOVER YOUR GIFTING:   All of us have a combination of talents we receive through our DNA and ancestry, and gifting we receive through our Soul. Talents are gifts of the mind and body that, when developed, give us the capacity to perform certain tasks and activities more easily than most others can do so. Gifting, because it comes through the Soul, requires no effort to develop. It is perfectly formed when we become aware of it although, because it will be unfamiliar to us, it is often confusing as to what it is, how to use it, how to benefit from it, and who to share it with. However, Know Your Self has given you the connections you need to get all these answers, so you can joyfully apply your gifting for those you have come to serve.

FIND YOUR NICHE:   It is common for people awakening to their purpose to feel they're being called to serve everyone, which is seldom the case. Most of us come to serve some niche that will allow the greatest impact for our Soul's work. There will be a temptation to think too much about who you're here to serve rather than allowing life to show you through the people who are coming synchronistically into your life. Synchronicity is the language of Divine guidance and there are no coincidences. Know Your Purpose allows your spiritual support team to give you experiences that will clearly reveal your niche to you.

Price:  $5,000*

* Pricing above is for the email-supported version of these programs. Contact us if you wish to take these programs with weekly private energy coaching. 

We strongly recommend that you complete Know Your Self before completing Know Your Purpose and can not guarantee that completing them in reverse order will necessarily have the same effect as completing them in the intended sequence.

NOTE:  Level 2 programs will not be fully effective until you have completed Level 1. Once you have completed both Level 2 programs, you will be ready to proceed to Level 3.

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