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Praise and Testimonials for Life energy coaching

"When I was in middle school awhile back, I wasn't getting along with my dad. My parents are divorced and I never wanted to go to his house. I didn't know why I didn't want to go. I just didn't want to. My mom asked me to do some energy coaching sessions with Shirley. After the first session, I had no issue with going to my dad's house and it's never come up again. It was like magic." .... Audrey C ~ illustrating the ease with which inner resistance can be transformed with life energy coaching.

"Murray and Shirley have been my coaches for many years. Their guidance combined with their transformative life energy programs have profoundly changed my life. Before working with them, I suffered from deep anxiety caused by a traumatic childhood, and I was not happy in my chosen career. Today, I am a peaceful, calm person and I am now creating a heart centered business focused on my unique life purpose. I love my life!

The modular programs are so unique and amazing – I have not come across any other modality that works so easily and effortlessly to bring lasting change from within. I am so impressed by life energy coaching and the tremendous impact it made on my life that I chose to become a certified life energy coach to help others love their lives, too!

Thank you Murray and Shirley!" .... Amy Blakeslee, founder of Calm Ocean Coaching.

"I’m grateful to have crossed paths with Murray and his life energy coaching sessions. His grounded & spiritual guidance has helped illuminate the path before me, for myself and others. I will look forward to growing with Life Energy Coaching programs!" .... LauraLee L. who was at a career crossroads.

"Hi Shirley,


I hope you are doing well!  I feel compelled to update you on a few topics.


(About daughter):  She is doing amazing.  Tonight while we were walking the dog, she told me she is glad she is doing the energy work with you and she feels so much better.  She said she is happier, less anxious, more outgoing and confident at school.  Her relationship with the one teacher has shifted 180 degrees.  She likes her, seeks advice from her. She said that she stopped listening to other kids saying negative things and focused on the positive about the teacher and she feels much differently.  I have noticed that she doesn't back talk me as much, definitely more peaceful at home.  I wanted to share this great stuff with you!"....Mother of early teenage girl who had been experiencing authority issues at school.


"Hello Shirley,


Thank you for your workshop for the Human Services students at Long Beach City College.  You came to our Stress Management class in the Spring 2018 just prior to final exams.  Your workshop was well received and several of the students noted your workshop as their favorite presentation.  It was helpful and amazing how you just came right in and started doing the practice with us so we were able to get an experience of your techniques.  For myself personally, I took note of your teachings and applied what I learned at home multiple times after your workshop.  I can honestly say that a mental and emotional shift took place that helped me to deal with difficult family members and difficult co-workers in a new, peaceful and empowering way.


I wish you much success as you travel to other colleges helping students with your energy coaching."



Sheri Zampelli

Assistant Professor

Human Services

Long Beach City College

"Shirley helped me improve my relationships with others. My phone consultation with her provided me a wealth of knowledge and has enabled me to gain a better understanding of myself. Her intuition was amazing, and she was able to identify factors that were negatively impacting my life. Her guidance is unparalleled, after a short phone call I have been able to develop a new mindset that has allowed me to live a happier and better life. I strongly recommend Shirley, because she will allow you to recognize things that have the ability to alter the way you live your life!" .... Lauren S.

"5 stars for Life Energy Coaching! I was introduced to Shirley through a mutual contact, and the first time I met her was over phone. Despite the fact that we weren't in person and she had no visual or physical cues to pull from, she was able to get to some of my core values and struggles incredibly quickly. I found her highly intuitive and very motivating, and I loved her advice. This is truly a calling for this woman -- she has a wisdom that could only be achieved through her very unique and profound life experience. I was especially impressed that Shirley was able to help me despite the fact that I am in college -- I admire the fact that she is able to relate and help people of wide age range.  In addition, in my personal experience with Shirley and Murray, I have found them to have rock solid values and mindsets, which I find extremely important in a coach. Definitely recommend!​" .... Brianna B.

"The programs that Shirley and Murray offer are remarkable.  At first I was a little skeptical but things have shifted in a way that regular life coaching cannot provide.  As a Vedic Meditation teacher I am always looking for services that hold depth and weight.  Self talk and positive thinking are temporary whereas their services provide permanent shifts in consciousness.  The courses are affordable and life transforming." .... Paula N.

"Dear Shirley:


I cannot thank you enough for the incredible insight you've shared with me over the last few weeks. It's a rare experience for me to be heard in such a deep and intimate way. It was Lily Tomlin who said something to the effect of "I listen with the same intensity that others reserve for speaking." You embody that statement. And when you share with me your thoughts, it is with such clarity and simple brevity that more and more is revealed to me as I reflect back on our conversations later in the day and even later in the week. Your ability to get the heart of the matter is remarkable.


There are few I reveal my "dirty laundry" to. I'll pull it out and point out all the stains hoping to find out what solutions others might have to remove them. And after getting some suggestions, the conversation usually ends there. Talking to you I not only get some suggestions as to how to remove the stains, but your attentive nature motivates me to clean my laundry, dry it, fluff fold it, and put it all away. And then suddenly I realize I have a wardrobe full of clean laundry rather than a pile of issues I have yet to resolve.

It's truly a gift to know you in even the few and brief experiences I've had with you. Thank you, Shirley, for your generosity, your direct nature, your brilliance, and ultimately your kindness. I look forward to learning more." ….. Jane Moore



"My experience with Shirley Ansell was life altering. Using her natural abilities as a healer combined with her professionalism in the use of her healing techniques, she guided me through a very emotional release of pent up negative energy. I had no idea how much of my good flow was being used up to carry around all of that baggage! I am a professional singer/actress and had lost touch with my ability to create freely. Following Shirley's coaching, I reconnected with my creative flow and found myself writing almost continuously for several days after our session. I will continue to call on Shirley to help coach me in the areas of personal awareness, connection and clarity. She is an amazing coach and I cannot recommend her highly enough to anyone who is experiencing less than optimum personal life energy." …. Stacie J.



"Working with Shirley has brought great clarity on many of the issues that I have not been able to fully explain or conceive.  It is like she is downloading some great truth for me and can see an issue for what is the underlying spiritual truth behind whatever experience I am having.


I was having a problem letting go of certain things in my life that weren't working for me.  Shirley was able to put into an overall perspective the reasons for this problem showing up and what the underlying lesson for me to learn was all about.  She does this so quickly and with such great compassion and from a place of love.  The time I have had with her has been truly valuable." …. Jay Wollenhaupt



"Out with the bad air, in with the good. Murray provided artificial respiration to my energy about money. Very soon, my income went up significantly and people who owed me money long past due paid me. It's miraculous. Murray provided just the knowledge and understanding I needed, as well as the energy alignment required to move forward. He also encouraged me to keep the conversation going between soul and Spirit. I am very grateful." …. Betsy M. Hall

"Thank you Murray and Shirley. I really enjoyed the session and saw evidence of its work that day.  I went out for lunch, met a very like minded guy, and we talked, went swimming, and just enjoyed ourselves for over eight hours.  It was quite wild.  It was as if he was a friend I knew for years." …. Tacy T.


(Editor’s note: That morning we had helped Tacy release the energies that had been blocking her from meeting compatible men since her partner died 2 years previously.)



"In the time I've worked with Shirley and Murray, they have led me in discovering a self I never knew was there. The person I thought was has evolved and I feel more authentic and centered than I've ever felt in my life.


I thought I knew who I was and what I needed, but having worked with Shirley and Murray for a year now I've realized that what I had once defined as burdens and problems were actually signs and opportunities for growth. Shirley and Murray have helped me to get in touch with and ground myself in my personal talents, skills, and abilities and I am now able to put them to use in my daily life in way I never realized I could before.


As a result, in both my professional and personal lives I feel I have closer and more authentic relationships with those around me. I am truly grateful for Shirley and Murray's awareness and abilities as I have discovered a life that feels much more rewarding today. I only wish I had done this work with them sooner!" …. Jane Moore



“As Executive Chairman of a small, technology-based start-up, the constant stresses involved with a continuing cycle of capital raising was putting a lot of stress on me, my wife and our marriage. 


I engaged Life Energy Coaching to both help me remove subconscious blocks affecting my business, and to help my wife with physical problems that seemed to be related to these money stresses. She had been diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, an inherited form of arthritis that causes curvature of the spine, as well as neck, back, and hip pain.


Murray and Shirley Ansell worked with my wife in person for three hours initially to identify and treat the “thought causes” of her symptoms. Remarkably, all her symptoms had gone after this session. They then had a further two sessions by phone, and my wife has had no further symptoms in the 6 months since these treatments, and she is back to perfect health.


Our work on my money issues has yielded amazing results. It has been like peeling away layer after layer of an onion, until we finally reached the core issues. Every time we had a session, money would arrive from investors shortly thereafter. The direct link between our energy work and my “money flow” soon became very clear.


Apart from that, several world-class companies and government agencies have become interested in our technology since we started our energy work, which will give us a strong market presence in Japan , Thailand , the US , and UK . There is no doubt in my mind that my work with Murray and Shirley has contributed greatly to this increase in business momentum.


I strongly recommend Life Energy Coaching to anyone who would like to get the best out of life physically, financially, in their relationships, and in business. It has certainly been a Life Energy Makeover for us.” …. Paul B.



"I just wanted to thank you, once again, for the amazing work you did with me last fall.  After 7 months of trying, my husband and I finally conceived and we will be having a baby girl this July!" …. Susan Nacimora



"I had the deep pleasure of interviewing Murray and Shirley Ansell on Heal Yourself Talk Radio last year. During our interview they showed their expertise by leading me through an eye opening healing of dealing with the feelings of not experiencing freedom with my Father in Law. During this session, during the show, I learned that past energies from past lives, my mother and my inlaws lives have affected my own turn of events in my life today. I highly recommend Murray and Shirley Ansell for any life coaching or energy changes you may need in your life. 

Thank you again Murray.  You and Shirley helped me along the way with many others in opening my new found understanding of my own feelings and how what I do also affects others." …. Rebbekah White



"Immediately after my first session with Murray the painful arthritis symptoms I had been experiencing over the past few years were relieved. Within a week of my session, I was able to climb a flight of stairs without pain. My overall health felt improved. I also noticed that shortly after my session I began to feel an overwhelming sense of inner peace that I had never before experienced. Circumstances that used to cause me emotional stress no longer bothered me.


I am a practitioner of Acupressure, CranioSacral Therapy Myofascial Release and Quantum Touch. I noticed that after the clearing Murray did on me, my work with my clients was immediately effected. I am now able to work with my clients on a deeper, more profound level, which has produced amazing results." …. Gloria Flores CST-D, HHP



“I have known Shirley Ansell for many years.  What makes Shirley different from many others is her work flows from her loving and wise heart.  Her heart is open and available for every client who works with her. Love is overflowing from her heart for every client or person she touches.  What a gift she shares with the world.” …. Xo Randi



"I have suffered from depression for almost 16 years.  At one time I was on anti-depressants and seeing a doctor to talk about my feelings and why I was so depressed.  Many times I wasn't sure why I was depressed or where that feeling came from.


Over the years I learned how to see the signs of my depression before it started and would start to change my mind set, but it wasn't until doing Life Energy Coaching with Murray that I knew where the depression energy came from, and Murray helped me focus and get rid of the source of my depression.  In my case this took about 20 minutes.


It's been a few weeks now and when life starts to throw me a curve ball I no longer feel depressed.  I owe the changing of my energy in this area to Murray's experience in Life Energy Coaching." …. Rebbekah White



“I feel like I should say something this morning.  But words are escaping me, and that does not happen to me!!!


I feel so much better today.  I feel like something has been lifted, but more importantly something has been awoken.  My “issues” have not dissolved, my surroundings have not changed, but the way I am looking at them feels so calm.  I’m catching myself smiling and feeling happy.  I have not felt happy for a long time.  This may sound trivial to you, you may be thinking, “great, I spent all of that time on the phone with her and YEA she feels happy”.  Happiness may not seem like a big deal to you, but to me it brings serenity and a general overall feeling of calm.  Again, I don’t think all my problems have melted, they just don’t seem so looming.  I feel like a door that I have had closed, bolted, barred, and sealed shut, has been opened.” …. Angie Schonard



 “Unexpectedly today my business partner handed me $500. dollars in CASH for me, money made in bookings at Eve's and it did not occur to me until I was sharing the webinar with her... then my husband and I found a very nice new beach house for the weekend for less than $350.  Most beach houses are in the $1100. range especially booking the day before we depart, after we booked five or more offers came in---all very expensive offers...


That was FAST!


Thanks, will keep you posted of new seridipidous (happenings), if it counts today I called my husband to ask him a question and tell him something about what he was just thinking he wanted to tell/ask me---he was flabbergasted.....”


(Editor’s note...Joan sent the above email the day after taking the MONEY Energy Management webinar.  About a week later she sent the following email.)


“Just got another $1100 handed to me yesterday and (a) waitress hands me $30 when I thought I handed her a $20 to pay for my meal  and she and I then thought I handed her 2 twenties is pouring in from all directions...” ….  Joan Maresh-Hansen



“I've noticed that I'm "clearing" emotionally.  I've had probs with my family past few months, and I think emotionally I had bagged it all and was carrying it around, getting very fatigued, to the point I couldn't think objectively.  Today, I notice I'm not having the problems concentrating, thinking objectively.  It's great.  I'm getting things done that have needed to be done for weeks, I just couldn't think my way thru them.


The kids seem to be resting better at naptimes and at night.  (This is a big plus, tired kids are grumpy kids) and my little girl is feeling a little better.  Still clingier than usual, but better.” …. Susan Denham


(Editor’s note…Susan sent this the day after taking the PERSONAL Energy Management webinar while having an “insomniac” boy and a sick little girl to take care of.)

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