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Level 3 Programs Love Your Business Enlightened Wealth Conscious Relationship

Once you have completed Level 2, you are ready for Level 3, which includes 3 programs: Love Your Business, Enlightened Wealth, and Conscious Relationship.  While the Level 2 programs have increased your co-creative power and helped to reveal your unique and magnificent purpose, Level 3 programs help bring you into harmony with a love for business; the abundance mindset needed to be a successful, purpose-driven entrepreneur and philanthropist; and the awareness needed to relate with others from the perspective of your true Divine Self.


Love Your Business is designed to eliminate everything in your consciousness and energy that can prevent you from building a successful, purposeful business to bring the fruits of your purpose to those you’re here to serve.  It’s one thing to have a burning desire to make a difference in the world, but quite another to be able to make that difference on a grand scale. 


Business is the most powerful vehicle for doing so, and it is necessary to both love business, and specifically your business, for

your business to stay connected with good flow, which is love.  In Know Your Purpose you aligned with your purpose at a personal level.  Love Your Business allows this alignment to be shared with your business.


When you and your business are aligned with the Flow, you will be provided with the ideas, connections and opportunities you need to succeed in all areas of your life and business at the highest possible levels.  However, only a relatively small fraction of the population embody the abundance consciousness needed to maximize the success of their businesses.


Enlightened Wealth is designed to transform all roots of survival, scarcity and limitation consciousness back to what is most loving and wise for you, so your business can expand to its

full potential and thrive on an ongoing basis, no matter the business environment. This includes fully embodying your birthright of wealth so that you experience it as your natural state.


MASTER CONSCIOUS CREATION:   The highest purpose of business is to provide a vehicle for business owners to learn how to consciously create what they desire. Employees are constrained by a host of rules put in place by the owners or senior management to require certain activities and prevent others. Owners, by contrast can design their business in any way that is lawful, which allows a virtually unlimited range of alternatives. Love Your Business transforms and removes all its user's consciousness and energy that conflicts with his/her Divine plan, which allows his/her spiritual support team to suggest the most viable approaches using dreams, synchronicity and inspiration. Once all inner resistance has been removed, conscious creation occurs as a collaboration between a human's local self and its non-local self.

REDEFINE BUSINESS:   Business today is largely driven by the primal influence of acquisitiveness, and return on investment. Unregulated, this has great potential to harm the general public while investors and senior management are being enriched. Love Your Business places alignment with love at the center of its users' business consciousness, transforming and removing all roots to acquisitiveness for its own sake. This allows the business builder to align with love as the business's source of supply so the business naturally experiences good flow in all its business dealings. By eliminating scarcity consciousness in relation to business, sales flow easily and profitably allowing all parties associated with the business to prosper and grow, while enjoying the process.

MAKE MAXIMUM IMPACT:   Business is a vehicle for leveraging the impact of those who own and work within it. Having completed Know Your Self and Know Your Purpose, you will be receiving highest frequency ideas that your business can implement not just for growing your business but also to make major positive impact upon its customers and others affected by the business's products and services. If your goal is to make the biggest positive difference you can, completing Love Your Business will be a key piece of your success strategy.

MAKE BUSINESS LOVING:   Business is arguably the largest influence on what happens on our planet, through the impact of its products and services, the jobs it creates, and the influence of its political contributions. Would you like our world to be run by primal acquisitiveness and competition or what is most loving for all concerned, not just investors and senior management? Love Your Business, along with the programs that precede it, now make this transformation possible. There is no more effective way to bring more love into business, politics, and human society.

MODEL CONSCIOUS BUSINESS:   Conscious businesses make decisions  from an intention of love, to benefit all stakeholders, not just senior management and investors. This makes employment enjoyable, collaborative, creative and rewarding. Employees work in roles best suited to their gifts and talents, they are encouraged to grow within their roles, and work like a loving, happy, high functioning family. If you would like your business to operate this way, and be a model of conscious business to others, completing Love Your Business will align your energy with this new and better business model.

Price:  $5,000*


TRANSFORM WEALTH CONSCIOUSNESS:   Wealth consciousness is usually defined as how one thinks in relation to material wealth. However, enlightened wealth expands this to include fulfillment in all respects, including material wealth but also including fulfilling work, loving relationships with family and friends, and the unsinkable knowing that you are living in a world where your needs are always met. You can summon the results you desire, and there's therefore always a surplus of whatever you could want or need, more than enough to share with others whose lives aren't yet reflecting this abundance mindset. Enlightened Wealth transforms all consciousness you have held that conflicts with this more holistic perspective, allowing you to experience and share from the abundant surplus this creates.

IMPROVE INVESTMENT RETURNS:   When you are guided by Infinite Intelligence and Divine Love, you have a considerable advantage over those investing from just their human perspective. However, in order to experience the full benefits of this, you will need to embody true abundance consciousness, which means having no fear of loss, just a knowing that all is well. This gives you the fortitude to ignore market turbulence caused by the emotional roller-coaster of collective consciousness. Enlightened Wealth eliminates scarcity based thinking, including fear of loss,  leading to your selecting profitable investments that are run from love not fear, and for the benefit of all involved.

LIVE FREELY:   When you know that all is well in every fiber of your being, that you easily attract whatever you desire that's loving for you, and that living in surplus is your natural state, you no longer feel any attachment to material possessions, and don't fear or regret their loss. Enlightened Wealth frees you from feeling burdened by material possessions and allows you to focus on enjoying your life experiences, sharing them with those you love, and sharing what you have learned with others who would like to live their lives in freedom, joy and peace of mind.

TRANSFORM YOUR FAMILY'S CONSCIOUSNESS:   Because all our modular programs transform at the level of your DNA, and DNA communicates with others' DNA through resonance, what transforms within you will also be transformed within your family members. By transforming your consciousness using all of these programs, you are bringing your wife, children and descendants with you into the consciousness of enlightened wealth, creating a ripple effect that will share enlightened wealth with all affected by your and their activities and energy for generations to come.

TRANSFORM YOUR COMMUNITY:   Enlightened Wealth includes awareness of our inter-connectedness with all others, including non-family members and all living beings. Those who take Enlightened Wealth become conduits for guidance that will benefit not just themselves and their families, but also their local and wider communities in whatever ways align with their chosen life purpose. There is much need for enlightened leaders who lead from love, are connected with Divine guidance, and who can consciously create the visions they receive.

Price:  $5,000*


The energy of your relationships is rooted in patterning acquired in your earliest years of life, even from before conscious memory within your mother's womb.

Conscious Relationship strips back all of the unconscious roots of these patterns, allowing the loving energies of your true self to emerge and become the dominant energies in all of your relationships, leading to healing of relationships that seemed broken beyond repair, and creating the potential for you to experience relationships from the



perspective of your supremely loving Soul. Conscious Relationship builds on the breakthroughs of Love Your Self to enable the highest levels of connectedness and love with other people, animals and life itself.

Price:  $5,000*

* Pricing above is for the email-supported version of these programs. Contact us if you wish to take these programs with weekly private energy coaching.

NOTE:  Level 3 programs will not be fully effective unless you have first completed Level 2.

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