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Murray and Shirley Ansell Speaking

As partners in both their personal and business life, and as parents of their twin boys, Shirley and Murray Ansell offer a unique insight into the journey from traditional relationship structures to spiritual partners in each of these roles. Their marriage  of 27 years has been one of continuous evolution and transformation, as they experienced the energies of their memories, their parents and their ancestors in all of these roles.

Being from extremely different backgrounds in virtually every way, this caused plenty of conflict, which they eventually recognized as a gift once they started to awaken to their

true nature, and were introduced to the transformational tools they'd need to accelerate their transition from ego-dominated relationship energies to the new models of spiritual partnership and conscious parenting.

As a team, Shirley and Murray are ideally placed to both provide perspective to the audience through their connection with Infinite Intelligence, and facilitate energy transformation with respect to any challenges or opportunities audience members may be experiencing.  Their presentations are always different and fun, as they combine their guidance to work together for the greatest good of those present.

Contact us to book Shirley and Murray for presentations relating to spiritual partnership or to provide guidance and transformation to your audience on subjects of their choice.

Shirley Ansell is an ideal speaker for any audience that wants to know how to live life in a way that is loving, prosperous, purposeful and powerful.  As a mother, daughter, sister, wife and transformational coach, she has designed a life that allows her the time and financial freedom to perform all of these roles, while fulfilling her purpose of empowering other women to do the same.


Shirley shares with her audiences how we create our experiences, the keys to gaining control over what we create, and how to consciously transform all that isn’t working in our life into what we consciously desire, with or without others' conscious cooperation.


This includes the keys to transcending the “glass ceiling”, which are available to any woman willing to do the “inner work” needed to retake her authentic, feminine power.

Prior to marrying Murray, Shirley held executive leadership positions in the Operations and Corporate Banking divisions of 3 major international banks.  Once married, Shirley balanced the roles of wife, mother and business partner in their new product commercialization business, before co-founding Life Energy Coaching with Murray in 2005.  These roles provided the energy and experiences needed to transform the energy of traditional relationship structures into those of spiritual partnership in both her personal and business relationships, the many benefits of which she discusses in her presentations.


Contact us today, if your group is looking for leading-edge guidance relating to:


  • Finding your authentic feminine power

  • Breaking the “Glass Ceiling” without sacrificing your femininity

  • Happiness as a modern woman

  • How to be successful and happy at home and at work

Murray Ansell is intuitively connected to the wisdom and guidance of infinite intelligence, and makes himself available to groups who are seeking guidance about Earth changes as well as events affecting group members individually.  Murray is available also as a speaker, coach and advisor to groups on subjects of specific relevance to those groups, where they have a common interest in one or more subject areas.  He will bring through information on whatever subject is of most interest and benefit to the audience.


After 15 years devoted to studying the transformation of his own energy and that of his clients as they have gone through the process of awakening to their true nature and purpose, Murray also offers valuable insights into this process that can literally shortcut this transformation by years or even decades in some cases.  His detailed understanding of this process supplemented by his ability to connect to infinite intelligence for whatever else his audience needs, makes him a most valuable speaker for those awakening to their life purpose.


Prior to studying human energy, Murray worked in “Big 4” accountancy, investment banking, commercial banking and new product commercialization, and uses these experiences to help bring transformation to the realms of money and business.  In his presentations, Murray shares the commercial and energetic reasons why it is only enlightened self-interest for businesses to pursue heart-centered strategies for their internal and external relationships.  His insights into heart-centered alignment are the key to businesses being able to thrive and grow on a consistent basis as our planet evolves from ego dominant leadership to intuitively guided heart-centered business models.


Murray also has the ability to facilitate transformation for audience members on a 1-to-1 or group basis for audiences of any size, either in the same location or virtually, by phone or webcast. Contact us today to book Murray for your next event.

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