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Conscious parenting coaching programs

Watch Murray being interviewed by Karl Fink of Streaming for the Soul on the subject of Conscious Parenting.

Is your child struggling in some area of his/her life and you don’t know how to help?


Feeling less and less connected with your child and wanting to improve your relationship with her/him?


Want the tools to empower your child to be the best she/he can be?


As with all our programs, parent energy coaching examines the energy of your relationships, this time the relationship with your child or children.  We have found over 14 years of daily research that all relationships can be harmonized by understanding their energy, and particularly the non-optimal aspects of that energy.


The behaviors exhibited by children are a combination of ancestral traits activated pre-birth and in early childhood, as well as behaviors modelled from parents in particular, but also from other guardians and older siblings. 


As such, they provide a wonderful opportunity for parents to observe expressions of energy patterns they too are carrying, which can then be examined and transformed to better express love for themselves and their children.  When this is done, the children reflect these changes back to the parent and harmony is restored to the relationship.

All of us are connected with the consciousness of our parents and other ancestors. 

Parent energy coaching allows parents to overwrite ancestral patterns of being and parenting to restore their relationships with their children to mutual unconditional love.

Set up a no obligation strategy session today to learn more about how Conscious Parenting can bring greater harmony to your family.

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