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Fishes aligned in their direction


Align with your Life Purpose

The key to living your best possible life is to bring your energy fully into alignment with your life purpose, allowing your life energy to be focused on this and nothing else.  There are many ways that human beings unconsciously takes in others’ energy, deplete their own energy, or are entrained by others’ energy, all of which cause misalignment.


To live your life purpose joyfully, prosperously, and with maximum impact, you need to eliminate these tendencies, all of which are redundant evolutionary tools no longer needed in today’s world.  All of these mechanisms have been identified and eliminated from the energy of Life Energy Coaching’s founders, Shirley and Murray Ansell, and this huge benefit is incorporated within all energy coaching programs offered by Life Energy Coaching, and those certified to offer its programs.


The value of this benefit cannot be overstated, as it is the key to reducing the time needed to fully live one’s life purpose from decades to just months.  The savings in terms of time spent and pain avoided makes the programs offered by Life Energy Coaching “must haves” for aspiring coaches and among the most valuable programs in coaching today.

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