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Our Energy Transformation Video programs use advanced energy transformation processes to customize solutions for common problems. While life changing in their effects, Life Energy Coaching is committed to keeping them priced for anyone's budget (currently $97), as the ideal introduction to the miraculous world of energy transformation.

Coronavirus Energy Vaccine - Research has proven that constant fear weakens the immune system, making us vulnerable to illness and unnecessarily early death. The constant media barrage of fear-inducing news about ever increasing infections and death is having the unintended consequence of making people more and more vulnerable to the harm that media commentators are trying to prevent.


This 2-part video series uses 3 advanced energy transformation processes to remove the roots of fear-based consciousness and energies that stress and weaken our immune systems, currently our only defense against COVID-19 and future coronaviruses. The first video addresses fear-based consciousness and energy relating to pandemics, and the second video addresses fear-based consciousness and energy relating to the governmental and societal responses to the pandemic. 

The Coronavirus Energy Vaccine has been tested and results have been completely positive. Click on the following links to view conversations with those who have used this program:

"Lockdown" angst and frustration were transformed into desire to lead community from fear to love-based consciousness.

Retirement home resident retains unshakable positivity despite fearful neighbors and fear-inducing political messaging.

Lost sense of compassion rediscovered, and COVID-19 symptoms shaken off within a week of watching video.

Temperature drops from 100.4 deg. F to 98.7 deg. F while viewer watches video #1!

Lifelong fear that something bad's about to happen released, leading to far more pro-activity in business.

Viewing program videos leads to delightful synchronicity during 2-week energy transformation.

The Coronavirus Energy Vaccine will give you whatever transformations you need to (1) remove the fear-based consciousness that makes you vulnerable to coronaviruses, and (2) keep your consciousness and energy positive no matter how much fear-based messaging you are exposed to by friends, family, neighbors, co-workers, and particularly the media. Fear creates stress, which weakens your immune system. Get the Coronavirus Energy Vaccine today and make love and wellness your natural state.



DISCLAIMER: The Coronavirus Energy Vaccine is not a pharmaceutical, does not function like a pharmaceutical vaccine, has not been tested or approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and does not claim to create coronavirus antibodies. It is an energy transformation program intended as an antidote to immunity weakening fear related to coronaviruses and pandemics generally.



Quick Money - This 2-video series uses advanced energy transformation processes to remove the roots of consciousness and energies that prevent us from attracting the money we need when we need it.

This program has been recorded, is testing, and is expected to be available during June 2020.

Check back often and be among the first to benefit from this very timely solution.

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