Human Energetics Energy Transformation E-Book

We are living in times that seem so volatile and unpredictable that life strategies we used to rely on no longer work. Human Energetics is a short e-book that explains what's really going on from the only perspective that  Everything is energy and, whether we're conscious of it or not, our energy is creating our experiences.  Human Energetics gives you the information and energy transformation you need to start creating your desired reality today.


Human Energetics is a ground-breaking e-book that explains the principles of human energy, as well as being a powerful tool for transforming your energy into alignment with the energy profile you need to joyfully live out your best life.  The following interview of Murray by Streaming for the Soul will help you understand why this revolutionary product is a "must have" for thriving in the current highly volatile world.

HUMAN ENERGETICS - A Fast Track to Loving Your Life!

Reading Human Energetics on a weekly basis (which takes 15-20 minutes), keeps you connected to the highest frequencies of Light and Infinite Intelligence, which deliver the insights and transformation you most need for that week.

Human Energetics introduces its readers to inter-dimensional energy transformation, as well as using an over-lighting energy field created by 15 years of transformational work by Murray and Shirley Ansell and their guides. Human Energetics and Life Energy Coaching's popular modular programs use these powerful new forms of energy transformation to massively accelerate your transformation from living through your ego to living joyfully as your true self or soul.

Price:  $99/month

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